I lost the track of time and thought it was 7day, but it’s not, so this will be a quick one.

What was done and what not?

Whole week was: try, learn, repeat. And it’s perfect as long as it’s consistent. Clarity and all that good stuff will come. This relates to Remote Faces.

Plan for next week? 😜

Same as this week, but the goal would be the get clear, common direction in regards to Remote Faces.

Learning 🤓

  • Finished Rework by Basecamp founders.
  • Started Hooked.
  • Almost completed StoryBrand for the 2nd time (marketing advice I needed the most).

Three things I’m grateful for and one thing that drives me nuts.

  • 🍃 Nature.
  • ☕️ Coffee.
  • 💤 Bed after a productive day.
  • 🐿 Websites who hide its product pricing.


I’ll do better next with this…

What I can do better this week?

Sleep better, wake up early.

Week in numbers.

  • Last week creative hours: 17h (4h decrease from last week)
  • Last week happiness score: 0.85 (0.57 decrease from last week)

About this counting system: Listen here for about 20 minutes and you will understand what I am doing here.


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