Start with a very easy habit.

When I was not consistent with my habits - they where forgotten soon after I began.

The problem was.

I committed to too much habits at once or made them too significant, hard to execute.

After I failed.

I started to resist the urge to change everything about my life in a day and took it slowly, one thing at a time.

It worked and this quote became my habit creation mantra.

Make it so easy you can’t say no.” - Leo Babauta

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To summarise here’s five ideas to keep in mind when forming your habits.

  1. Tiny and one habit at a time: Don’t rush into it, superman. 🙅‍♂️ Start with ridiculously easy habit and one at a time.

  2. Configure the environment for success: Remove those doughnuts 🍩 from your house and put that lettuce 🥬 on the countertop.

  3. Use external accountability: Find a person and keep each other accountable. I’ve done daily pushups for quite a while, without fail - primarily because I have a deal with a friend and we keep each other accountable.

  4. Two day rule: This rule is nice to keep in mind when we slip. Explained by Matt here.

  5. Big patience and slow pace: It should feel easy, especially in the beginning. Listen to your body, stick to pace you can sustain and add more slowly. 🐢

If you really want to master your habits check out work by James Clear. I absolutely loved his audiobook.


If you are killing with your habit game and have some tips for me, please contact me.

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